If you’re moving to a new place, you’ll want to make sure the company you choose will provide a white glove furniture delivery service. Furniture Experts Movers can make this possible with a variety of services. They offer furniture delivery throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., and other states. You can even receive a quote online.

White glove furniture delivery service

Using a White glove furniture delivery service is a good option for homeowners who need help moving furniture from one location to another. This service takes care of all aspects of the move, from packing and unpacking to assembly and set-up at your new location. It also offers extra care for fragile and vintage furnishings. Many artists and designers use this type of service when setting up an extensive art installation. A white glove furniture shipping carrier will remove all crates, padding, and additional packaging from your new furniture, ensuring its safety during transport.

This service is great for customers who don’t have the time to transport heavy furniture themselves. They can arrange for pick-up from inside the home and then deliver it directly to the desired room. Oftentimes, white glove delivery companies will even help you set up electronic equipment and synchronize smart devices so that they work in your new home.

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White glove delivery is a service provided by delivery companies that goes above and beyond standard shipping. It’s a great option for shipping furniture, high-value items, and other items that require a little extra care. It can even be used for large items such as kayaks, and is an excellent way to ensure the highest quality delivery.

Whether you need furniture delivered in a hurry, or need the whole thing assembled and unpacked, there is a white glove solution that will meet your needs. AIT logistics experts can create a custom plan to accommodate your specific needs. They also provide professional assembly and installation services.

The benefits of white glove delivery are numerous. Unlike traditional shipping methods, these services can place the items exactly where you want them. This is especially helpful if the items you’re shipping are heavy and bulky. However, the price for these services can vary depending on the distance, special needs, and other factors. Typically, these services cost between 5% and 20% more than basic shipping services.

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If you’re looking to move from one house to another, you should consider hiring a White glove furniture delivery service to help you move large pieces of furniture. Whether it’s a bed or a sofa, moving large furniture can be expensive and time-consuming. Also, there’s a good chance that some of your furniture won’t be worth moving, so you might want to consider donating it instead. You can also choose to have new furniture delivered to your new house once you’re settled in.

A white glove furniture delivery service is especially useful if you have expensive or fragile furniture. This type of service ensures that fragile pieces, such as expensive couches and artwork, are handled with special care. The carriers of white glove furniture services will dismantle and remove all packaging, including packing materials and additional padding. They will also make sure that each piece of furniture is placed perfectly in its new home.